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Exactly how do users research, locate and purchase products from you and your competitors?

Steve Comrie | Mar 12

How valuable would that kind of insight be to your business and your conversion rate? Odds are, probably quite valuable. Well as luck would have it, my favourite user testing service has come out with a great suggestion that makes it super easy to learn exactly how your potential visitors find your site or your competitors site and how they use them. Read Full Article »

Refined Art of Marketing web site leads to higher conversion rates, lower production costs and reduced labour

Steve Comrie | Sep 30

For the last several months I have continued to have the good pleasure to work with the Art of Productions team on the web site development and assisting with the web marketing strategies for their Art of Marketing conference web sites.


This latest incarnation of the Art of Marketing site is now the third version that I have worked with the Art of Productions team on, and so far it's turned out to be our best yet.

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Google Makes Targeted Remarketing Tool Available For Everyone

Steve Comrie | Mar 26

Has this happened to you in the last year? You visit a web site to do some research and pricing comparrison of a product or service but leave without buying anything. Shortly thereafter, you start noticing banner ads for the exact thing you were researching showing up on different sites all over the place.

Coincidence? Maybe. More likely is that you may have caught a glimpse of a new tool offered by Google called Remarketing. Read Full Article »

101 Business Applications for SMS Messages

Steve Comrie | Mar 23

My preferred provider for bulk SMS message delivery is Click-A-Tell. Not only do they provide great prices and great coverage of world-wide mobile carriers, but their API is incredibly easy to integrate into just about any application, platform or web site.

Recently, they sent me a free copy of a white-paper they created called "101 Business Applications for Using SMS". Read Full Article »

How to Successfully Design, Develop and Promote an Killer Marketing Conference Web Site

Steve Comrie | Mar 07

Last week I had the chance to attend the Art of Marketing conference in Toronto featuring Seth Godin, Mitch Joel, Sally Hogshead, Max Lenderman, Dan Heath and Jamer Othmer. The conference itself was fantastic and I plan on writing more about it later.

Over the 2 months leading up to the event I had the pleasure of working with the organizers - The Art of Productions - to put together the web site and some of the interactive marketing strategy for the conference. In this case study I've outlined a couple of things that we collaborated on together that I think worked out well for them. Read Full Article »

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